The Umbramancer

Important Information
Race Unknown
Gender Unknown







Status Undead
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sign Unknown
Other Information
Home Unknown

"A monster. A foul creature. I guess you mortals would refer to it as 'Death' itself." - Riamide

An Umbramancer is a long since dead mage who has been cursed, due to unmentioned crimes comitted during its lifetime, to roam the afterlife as a disembodied spirit. In order to once again assume a corporeal form it feasts upon the souls of the dying, never allowing them their eternal rest. However, on rare occasions an intended victim might slip away. It is therefore a selfish creature, driven by its own greed for life and power.


Umbramancers appear as a massive foggy shadow, capable of stretching far and wide. Hundreds of staring eyes can be found within its darkness. This however might just be the eyes from the wraiths that lurk within. It has also been shown to spawn a pair of shadowy arms to grasp after its intended victims.

Brave New WorldEdit

Sometime after the 3rd Era, an Umbramancer named Nyanlacarmon started to haunt Myling Frost-Song after having tasted on her soul when she passed away.



The Umbramancers presumably has a limited amount of powers due to its disembodied form. It has been known to be able to absorb the spirits of the dead in order to gain back its own life. It has also been shown to be able to summon wraiths from within its massive darkness as well as opening rifts to the Void itself where it can drag its victims to be consumed and assimilated, so that itself can be resurrected.