This page shows the basic rules of Roleplaying to help guide both new and experienced Roleplayers in their Roleplays. The Game Master (GM) can change the rules at will, but they must also abide to their own rules as well.


1. You are not dragonborn.

1b: Your character is Protected from Death, He/she can only be killed if you allow it. However wounds may be inflicted, but they can always be healed. (Meaning you cannot cut off a part of someones body.)

2. You can have one special power and one special item OR two of either, These powers are of your own making and unique to you.

3. You must have some sort of severe weakness.

4. Any extra powerful stuff(Like daedric/aedric artifacts or other unique items) MUST be gained through RP.

5. Keep your characters to a minimum max 4 + any number of NPC's or minor characters. Only one story-essential NPC is allowed and most be approved by the GM first.

6. When attacking another character he must be allowed to retaliate 2 times, the 3rd time it will always hit unless it is lethal. The character can be incapacitated but not killed unless the character's creator accepts.(Does not apply to minor characters, story-essential characters or NPC's.)

7. You can not be overpowered under any circumstances.

8. The lore can NOT be altered, without a gamemaster's permission.

9. You can only control your own character unless stated otherwise by the original creator of the character...

10. NO Dovah characters... Don't even ask...

11. DO NOT force other people's characters to do something

12: Do not imprison characters unless they agree.

13: Characters must be approved by the GM before they can be used.

14: The thu'um is allowed but only 3 words of power, these 3 words cannot all be of the same shout, Thu'um counts as a power.

Also, these new 3 rules are added. Special thanks goes to Nelthro.

15. OP actions wil not be tolerated, This includes killing multiple characters not letting anyone retaliate in any way, or make major changes to the plot in a single post.

16. METAgaming shall never be tolerated under any circumstances whatsoever... META is when you break a rule but continue playing, ignoring rules to make you more powerful than everyone else, Or having your character know things that he or she is not meant to know. A METAgamers post shall always be deleted Immediately.