Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female





Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Height 172 Cm
Weight 78 Kg
Sign Unknown
Other Information
Home Unknown

"No order without chaos..." - Riamide

Riamide is a Breton witch. Myling met her in her early days of travel. The witch took pity on the poor girl who was down on her luck and brought her to her house in the forest. There she nursed the young Nord back to health, offered her some food and eventually gave her the enigmatic wooden sword name Gastbane.


As revealed in the Brave New World saga, Riamide is actually the Daedric Prince Meridia in mortal guise. Her intentions when she had first met Myling had been to destroy her, but when she first saw the girl who didn't realise that she was dead, she took pity upon her and chose to watch over her until the day would come when Myling found out more about herself and her dark past.

She since then been watching over her as both a mentor and protector, keeping her safe and guiding her whenever the time was the darkest.

Later on she becomes even more involved with her ward, urging the girl to fight back.


Being the Daedric Prince of Infinite Energies, Riamide has powers beyond mortal comprehension. She has proven to handle destruction magic fairly well though, when she saved Myling and Rowan Autumn-Arrow from a group of bandits by putting the criminals ablaze with magical flames and lightning.

She also has the power to create magical wards in order to protect Myling from the Umbramancer and other supernatural beings.


  • Riamide is an anagram of the name "Meridia".

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