Nelthar Organization
General Information
Founder(s) Ultima(II) Nelthar
Leader(s) Naritin Nelthar
Notable members Members
Historical Information
Formed From Kanir Clan
Founding 2E 20
Other Information
Affiliations The Empire
Septim Dynasty
Headquarters Cyrodiil

"The Thalmor fear us because of the powers we hold, and because we don't fear them" - Nait Nelthar

The Nelthar Clan is a powerful and rich family of different beings. They are extremely mysterious and the clan holds many secrets, as well as answers to great questions. They live somewhere in Skingrad, but have other bases all around Nirn. Their members are made up of almost every race you can think of.


The first man to bear the name "Nelthar" was Ultima (I) 1E10-1E120, a man rumored to be so powerful he could defy laws of physics, flatten entire continents and erase armies from existence single-handedly. At the last years of his life he settled down and founded a family.

A descendant of Ultima(I) called Ultima (II) decided to found the Nelthar Clan in 2E 20, He gathered people from all over Nirn from all different races: Nords, Bretons, Tsaesci, Maormer, Sloads and many other different races.

The original purpose of the Nelthars were to stop disasters from happening in Tamriel, but during the Third Era, that purpose vanished and now every Nelthar has their own goal.


Due to all the different races and the time the Nelthars have lived, they have gathered immense knowledge and power from all over Nirn and from most Daedric princes. Even though they have great power, they rarely show it to anyone.

Notable AppearancesEdit

2E 571 - Akaviri Invasion

2E 851 - Battle of Sancre tor

3E 109 - War of the Isle

3E 120 - War of the Red Diamond

3E 249 - War of the Usurper

3E 288 - Invasion of Akavir

3E 432 - Oblivion Crisis

4E 170 - Great War

4E 200 - Dragon Crisis