Important Information
Race Imperial/Breton mix
Gender Male
Born 4E 202

Nait Nelthar(Father)
Naritin Nelthar(Brother)
Tolinai Nelthar(Sister)
Nilya Nelthar(Aunt)

Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1
Weight 168 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Nelthars
Weapons None
Home Cyrodiil

"No, my lord. I don't care who you serve. From now on, you serve me!" -Naerion Nelthar

Naerion is a high-ranking member of the Nelthars, and a heir to the throne of the Nelthar leader


Naerion was born to Nait Nelthar in the 4th era, year 202. He was born with the special trait to create anything out of nothing. Throughout his life he was trained by Nait Nelthar, until his death at the hands of Naerion possessed by his ancestor Nelthro Kanir as he returned to Nirn. In order to end a threat to the Nelthars, Nelthro used Naerion's body to hurl a meteor at the current threat accidentally killed Nait along with it. After this Nelthro stripped Naerion of his power, and was retrained this time by Naritin. But as Nelthro left his body and returned to his own, he placed a powerful hypnotic ability within Naerion.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Naerion has black unkempt hair and red flaring eyes. His face is unknown as of Nait's death in 207 where he chose to mask his face. Naerion is evil and always plots the demise of his enemies and allies alike. He dreams of ruling the Nelthars and creating an empire of his own, Similar to his father but through more sinister ways.

Combat and SkillsEdit

Naerion is a powerful mage both in illusion and destruction, but he also has some training with a one-handed blade. Though, he prefers not to fight, and instead relies on his hypnotic skills where he can keep up to four people under hypnosis at once. Once someone is hyonotized they will stay that way until released by Naerion. According to Nelthro, forcibly removing the hypnosis forma person has the potential to break the hypnotized individuals mind.