"People say it's haunted. Now, I am not really all that familiar with the stories and such, but I just know that something bad happened there a couple of hundred years ago or so." - Jonna

Maiden's Rest is a lost settlement somewhere near the borders between Hjaalmarch and the Reach in Skyrim. Despite only of handful of people still living there, the area has a reputation of being haunted.


As stated Maiden's Rest is a settlement on the brink of extinction, had it not been for the handful of people still living there. Myling describes it from her dream as a small settlement with some cottages for the families living there. It is surrounded by a dense forest and a nearby field. A pond lies behind the Frost-Song residence. The pathway leading up in the mountains has a gate with hinges and a surrounding fence.

Apparently it lies within the vicinity of Morthal.

When Rowan and Myling traveled together to Maiden's Rest she did not recognise it at first. Nature and age has started to claim the settlement as their own. The pond behind Myling's home has become a lake and the cottage looks as if it has "grown up from the forest itself".

In the lake Myling discovered some skeletal remains of a human being that has yet to be revealed of who they could belong to...


Maiden's Rest was never a particularly large nor remarkable settlement, which explains why it was never drawn on the official map of Skyrim. The settlement probably consisted of around three or four cottages for the families living there. These were the Frost-Songs, the Snow-Fogs and the Cold-Howls.