Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female


4E 208


"Terra" Ebonheart (Father, Deceased)

Ciel Highwind (Mother, Deceased)

Status Unknown
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Blonde
Height 4.2
Weight N/A
Other Information

Spira (Formerly)


Liara is a Breton mage and the daughter of 'Terra' Ebonheart and Ciel Highwind.


Liara is a short 4-feet girl with a build of a 12-14 year old child and very long blonde hair with orange eyes. She wears an unique set of sleek leather armor similar to Dark Brotherhood armor underneath a white cloak.

Her small stature allows her to be agile as a mage, but many mistake her for a child due to her appearance, which sometimes irritates her.


In contrast to her appearance, she is an cheerful, upbeat, and friendly person. But in truth, she is burdened with the tasks as a servant of the Et'Ada, much like her parents. Nevertheless, Liara possesses a strong sense of justice and compassion and cannot help but to aid those who are in need.

She is also shown to be generous towards those she trusts, and very suspicious of those with hidden agendas. Liara is also considered a martyr, willingly risking her life more than once to protect those she holds dear. Her calm and selfless personality allows her to overcome seemingly impossible trials time and again.

She struggles to stay true to her path, as she is constantly haunted by the memories of the deaths of her parents and countless tragedies that fell before her and tested her resolve.


  • To a Foreign World: Revenant's Wings (Completed)
  • A Fleeting Dream (On-going)
  • Fallwind (Completed)
  • Fallwind: New Markarth (On-going)