Firmament White Transparent
Heydo Phinister
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Male
Age 19
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Titles Apprentice
Height 170cm
Weight Unknown
Other Information
Factions Red-eyed Overlords
Home Windhelm
Family Father: Unknown, deceased

Mother: Mara Phinister, deceased Guardian: The Ebony Warrior, deceased

Heydo Phinister is a male Breton character who takes part in the events of The Firmament RP.


Heydo has a thin build but his body is fit from physical training. He has incredibly pale skin, white hair, a stub nose and red eyes, which lead to people shunning, avoiding and harrasing him during his childhood. His skin is very clean and smooth, making him look two or three years younger than he actualy is.

Unknown to himself he has inherited his unusual appearance from his clan, which has a deep and mysterious bond with Oblivion, which he also has.


Hey was born in Windhelm. At the point of his birth his father was already deceased. His mother, Mara Phinister, was the remnant of a splinter faction from a clan of Breton mages calling themselves The Red-eyed Overlords. A few years after his birth she fell ill and died, rendering Hey an orphan. However shortly before her death she sent a letter to a friend who saved her from persecution by her clan. The Ebony Warrior. Three years later the Ebony Warrior came to Windhelm, found Hey, recognized the potential power he was holding and took him in as an apprentice. Hey doesn´t know any of it. To him the appearance of the Ebony Warrior was just a lucky coincidence.

Combat and skillsEdit

As the 10-year-long apprentice of the Ebony Warrior he was taught the basic and advanced skills of combat as well as received training in One-Handed, Block, Archery, Heavy armor, Smithing and a minor education in Restoration, Alteration and Conjuration. Most of his training he was taught in Hammerfell and the intense training under the high tempratures greatly hightened his condition and gave him a lot of stamina. He has assisted the Ebony Warrior in clearing out bandit camps twice and has once cleared out an entire bandit camp on his own.

The FirmamentEdit

After hearing of the Dragonborn Heys master, the Ebony Warrior, went back to Skyrim to look for the hero of legend, leaving Hey behind with the promise to return. However as that didn´t happen, Hey decided to go back to Skyrim himself and look for his master.