Hahn tends to be attracted to dark and sinister things.

HahnDragoner523, commonly known as Hahn, is one of the Co-founders of the elder scrolls roleplaying wikia.

About meEdit

Hello, I am HahnDragoner523.

Most people just call me Hahn...or Olex or Olaf; You can do that aswell.

I am proud to call myself one of the "Co-founders" of this Wiki.

I live in Germany, am 18 years old and am a TES fan. Even though i have never played any other TES game, besides Skyrim, the TES universe and lore has facinated me.

I am also a big fan of the Halo and Dishonored game series. Other games i also play sometimes are Borderlands II, Assassins creed III and the Mass effect series.

I play on Xbox. My gt is HahnDragoner523.

My hobbies include Chess, Judo, watching good series/movies and of course Gaming.

I also enjoy watching good Anime.

My dislikes include bears in Skyrim, insects (With the exeption of spiders) and mushrooms.


Hahn is known to maintain a polite and slangish tone with other people, although he sometimes tends to make bad jokes. He most of the time maintaines a cool head and follows rational thinking.

He knows that in every person there are good and bad personality traits and thinks that every person is a little bit selfish in their own way, however he also believes in good will and the human ability to place the needs of others above their own.

He can be often observed stating to be immortal and not human.