Evelyn Cienne
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female




Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color

Deep Green (4E 240)

Sapphire Blue (Present)

Hair Color

Black (4E 248)

White (Present)

Height 5'2
Weight 108 lbs.
Other Information

Dark Brotherhood (Former Speaker)


Home High Rock (Formerly)

Evelyn Cienne is a Breton assassin first seen in 4E 240.


Evelyn was born in a poor family in High Rock, making her life a struggle from the start. Her parents died when she was at the age of 8, and was forced to live and survive in the streets. She discovered her 'aptitude' for elimination when a group of sailors tried to rape her, only for the latter group to be swiftly eliminated by the former.

Evelyn soon became infamous for her prowess as an thief and an martial artist due to her rough unorthodox form of combat.

At her later years, she joins the Dark Brotherhood and rose to the rank of Speaker in only a short time.


Evelyn is an average-tall woman with a slim build. During 4E 240, she has black short hair and deep green eyes. During her later appearance, she has long white hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a slightly more slim yet agile build.

Her previous outfit were Master Robes of Restoration along with matching Mage Gloves and Boots. Her present outfit are an unique set of Black Hand Robes closely resembling a mixture of both the Greybeard Robes and the Black Hand Robes along with black pants seen during the Oblivion Crisis, except that the lower body is partially shown.


Due to having no form of connection between friends and her family at an early age, Evelyn has a apathic, unsociable, and a quiet yet seemingly innocent personality, but shows no mercy or remorse when killing contracts during her time with the Brotherhood as seen when she murdered Maven Black-Briar in cold blood and incriminated Maven's sons during a contract for the Guild Master of the Thieves Guild during the early events of the Fourth Era Interregnum. This type of personality continues for Evelyn until her failed transmogrification into an Umbra Clone at the hands of the latter.

Since her failed transformation, her personality has been drastically changed to being emotionless and naive due to her losing all of her memories. Her past personality is later restored by Hahn and later develops a more positive personality; A cheerful, friendly and kind demeanor despite her ties to the Brotherhood in the past.


  • Champions of Her Will (On-going)