Elisa Copperfield
Elisa Copperfield
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female




Unnamed Mother
Status Deceased
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Brown
Height 4.4
Weight 87 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Fighters Guild
Home Cyrodiil

Elisa Copperfield is a Breton first seen during the events of the House of Troubles RP in 4E 204.


Little is known of Elisa, but she was one of Celia's most trusted associates within the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil.

She was close to her partner until she nearly murdered anothr associate named Floyd in Fort Snowhawk. Due to this, the relationship between Celia and Elisa greatly strained to the point that the former had her executed more out of blind anger than code and conduct.


A gruff, straight-forward and no-nonsense warrior, Elisa was considered one of the best leaders that the Fighters Guild has to offer.

Her leadership and organization skills closely matched that of Celia hersel. But unilke her counterpart, Elisa was prone to anger management issues, which causes some to berate her for her lacking ability to control her temper.

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