The Dark Arts, also known as the Power of the Void, is a type of 'natureless ability' to negate anything and everything to the point of non-existence.


'Void Arts'

The exact nature of this 'ability' is unknown, as it is not considered a form of any magic. According to Mateus, it is simply stated as 'The cold of space and the terror of midnight much like Sithis himself.'

Due to it's natureless form, it can be specualted that those who use the Dark Arts have a direct connection to Sithis, the incarnation of the Void, and that the user of the art taps directly into the concept of the Dread Father himself.

The only known user of this 'ability' is Noah, who was given the strange 'gift' at birth.

The House of Troubles

At the House of Troubles RP, the Dark Arts is considered as the 'combination' of four schools of magic. Notably, the schools involved in this were Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion. In addition, users of the Dark Arts are said to be required to tap into the darkness of their hearts and emotions. Anger, hatred, and sorrow are said to be the prime emotions needed to fully master the concept of the forbidden method of magic.

Notable Users: Edit

- Astien

- Floyd

- Mallus "Malak" Artoria

- Ormax Silvestri

- Tyranus