Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife

Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male


4E 177 27th of Suns Height


Mr.Strife (Father) (Deceased)
Mrs.Strife (Mother)
Eriana "Erys" Ebonheart (Wife)
Terra Ebonheart (Brother-in-Law)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'9
Weight 175 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation None


"Well, might be tough if one more shows up." - Cloud, on the number of Seekers that has surrounded him.

Cloud Strife is a Nord that appears in an RP series and is one of the main protagonist in that RP. He is a rather anti-social man, only confiding in his friends and has a knack of adventuring that has let him into many quests.