Bjorn Septimin
Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male




Deceased Brother, Mother and Father

Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Status Unknown
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6.2
Weight N/A
Other Information
Home Valenwood

Bjorn Septimin is a Nord born and raised in the lands of Valenwood. Bjorn's family retreted to Valenwood while Bjorn was still within his mother's womb. Bjorn is also a werewolf.


Growing up in the lands of Valenwood was hard for Bjorn, being different and not being an elf. But Bjorn grew up to the ways of the wood elves and knew how important nature was. Growing up Bjorn would use a two-handed steel greatsword and steel armour. Bjorn also became amazing at using bows due to being teached by the Wood Elves themselves.