Amarie in 4E 202
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Active
Eye Color Leather Brown
Hair Color Deep Brown
Titles Unknown
Height 4'9
Weight 103 lbs.
Other Information
Factions Unknown
Home High Rock
Family Unknown
Firmament White Transparent

Amarie is a Breton in the Firmament.


Amarie was born to a common family in High Rock. During an common day in the city of Jehanna, her parents were accused of being Talos worshippers and mercilessly tortured to death right in front of Amarie when she was a young child. This has caused a deep-seated trauma that continued to stick to her greatly for 7 years that made her emotionally fragile concerning her parents and a deep undying hatred against the Thalmor, the murderer of her parents.

When Amarie reached the age of 17, she enlisted herself to House Lionheart to fight against the Thalmor and any who follow them.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Amarie is a soft, kind-hearted and seemingly innocent person. She values her connections to those she trusts greatly and is approachable. She also has a perky personality at times.

However, she is said to be 'more fragile than the yolk of an egg' when concerning her parents due to her trauma, and becomes easily and almost instantly emotionally fragile and drained when reminded of the brutal murder of her mother and father.



The FirmamentEdit



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