Important Information
Race Bosmer
Gender Male


4E 184


Maxor Sprinter (Father)
Deijon Sprinter (Ancestor)

Status Alive as of 4E 202
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Reddish-black
Height 5'4
Weight 150 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Treesprinters
Weapons Streik
Amulet of Nature
Home Skyrim

Aelinor is a Wood Elf created by Jacksper for use in most of his Role-plays that take place during the 3rd Century of the 4th Era. Aelinor is a skilled assassin from a family of "Treesprinters" an elite group of Bosmer known for their use of the Amulet of Nature, and their Martial Skill and Smithing.


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Because of the rise of the Thalmor and the Third Aldmeri Dominion. The beautiful families of Valenwood were relocated to Alinor or the Summerset Isles as they are known to the Empire. Aelinor was one of the few families to be relocated. They settled in the few forested areas of Alinor where they continued to practice the ancient traditions of the Ancient Treesprinters. Like the Ashlanders of Morrowind, the Treesprinters are a nomadic group most at home in the dense forest. Their skill at sneaking about without being seen and overall love of all things secretive made them some of the best Thieves and Assassins in all of the Empire and Dominion.

As a child Aelinor was trained in the arts of thievery and assassination. Like many of his age he was given an amulet at birth one that attuned itself to his magics and unlocked his potential in Restoration. For the first seven years of his life Aelinor was trained to hone his martial skill and seven years after that his magical skills were trained as well. The next three years Aelinor traveled all across Tamriel learning the art of Smithing from many until he fasioned his own Daedric Weapons and Armor from the daedric enemies he slew. After becoming one of the best Archers in Valenwood Aelinor returned to Summerset and began working as an Assassin for the Thalmor. That was until one target of his turned out to be a young Nordic Child, who was heir to the High King of Skyrim. Disgusted, Aelinor resigned from the agency and came to Skyrim where he worked with the Dark Brotherhood outside of Dawnstar and the Thieves Guild in Solitude.

Appearance and Personality

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Combat and Skills

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