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M.Owen LFC!
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• 5/22/2014

To a Foreign World - Exploration: Beginnings

(Note: I also made this thread to see if the Forums work as part of the test phase.)

So... ever since I read someone's idea of how an RP's rules should be, I was thinking of trying to put it to the test, including myself. (I refuse to disclose his name for his own safety and privacy. ;) )

I'm also planning to test out a new form of story, which only few events are scripted that will not heavily and negatively impact characters, but only the story.

So here goes:

A mysterious magical fissure has appeared somewhere near Fallowstone Cave in 4E 217.

Ever since it appeared, hundreds and hundreds of intrigued scholars decided to make a trip there and investigate the fissure. Mysteriously, they never returned.

Now the Orcs who value Fallowstone Cave consider the Path to the Fissure a place of no return, and warned people not to enter it.

But rumors of countless treasures and the insane rumor of a gateway to an alternate version of Tamriel has only ignited adventurers and scholars even more to investigate the fissure. Like those before them, they never returned.

Now the fissure remains unvisited, until now.

It's the year 4E 219.

--Character Creation Form--





Date of Birth: (This is optional.)





Power(s): (You may have two powers but one is required. Also list your racial ability. Does not count as one of your powers so you may have two powers and a racial power. If you are a race with more than one racial ability list all of them.)

Item(s): (You may have up to three special items. None are required. Nothing too powerful.)

Resistances: (This is where you list racial resistances and things that your character is resistant to due to other reasons than their race)

Weaknesses: (This is where you list racial and non-racial weaknesses. It can range from a contagious disease to a weakness for mead. Anything that can be used against your character. At least two are required.)

Bio/Backstory: (Required unless you have a good reason not to post it. If you do have a good reason put it where the backstory would go)


1: You are not Dragonborn.

2. You can have one special power and one special item OR two of either, These powers are of your own making and unique to you.

3. You must have some sort of severe weakness.

4. Any extra powerful stuff(Like daedric/aedric artifacts or other unique items) MUST be gained through RP.

5. Keep your characters to a minimum max 6 + any number of NPC's or minor characters

6. When attacking another character he must be allowed to retaliate 2 times, the 3rd time it will always hit unless it is lethal. The character can be incapacitated but not killed unless the character's creator accepts.(Does not apply to minor characters or NPC's.)

7. You can not be overpowered under any circumstances.

8. The lore can NOT be altered, without a GM's permission.

9. You can only control your own character unless stated otherwise by the original creator of the character...

10. NO Dovah characters... Don't even ask...

11. DO NOT force other people's characters to do something

12: Do not imprison characters unless they agree.

13: Characters must be approved by the GM before they can be used.

14: The thu'um is allowed but only 3 words of power, these 3 words cannot all be of the same shout, Thu'um counts as a power.

Also, I'm gonna add a new rule to test out.

15: Your character can switch sides, but only once. You can only switch sides again when the GM approves.

16: No Meta.

Note: Some events are scripted, but will not imprison characters against their will and it's only made for a scene. The planned scripted events are roughly only two, which have a major effect in the storyline.

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M.Owen LFC!
• 4/16/2014

"Of course. It's yours for a day." The innkeeper then handed keys to their rooms.

"The rooms are upstairs. There are only four rooms, but the one on the farthest right has 2 beds for 2 people."

• 4/16/2014

"Right...I think Mikoto and Garne-Tigrina can sleep in the room with two beds."

• 4/16/2014

"We actualy just need 3 of those rooms. Oryn takes one, Rikka takes one, Ria and Mikoto take the last one and I don´t need any sleep."

• 4/16/2014
"Suit yourself..."
• 4/16/2014
"Are you sure? You'll end up tired tomorrow if you don't get any sleep." Ria told Rell.
• 4/16/2014

"I don´t get tired." Rell told Ria "You should´ve noticed it by now but I´ve been going the same pace since we met. Back when I killed that giant Dreugh was the first time I closed my eyes in months."

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• 4/16/2014
"Right...let's just get to bed.." Oryn then went to his room and immediately crawled on the bed.
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• 4/16/2014

"Alright. I'll leave it at that, then." Ria replied.

"Come on, you two. We need to go to bed."

"Yeah." Rikka and Mikoto replied. They entered their rooms and went to sleep.

At 3 AM....

Ria began to lament on the fate of her family and began to feel sorrowful.

She then began singing a song that she knew and sang since childhood.

• 4/16/2014

"I´ll walk around and see what this little place has to offer." Rell told the others.